Coal Handling

To help companies improve the knowledge and skills of workers and meet the demands of today's busy training manager, Global Training Solutions Inc. offers a practical solution with 20...

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Electrical Skills

Highly interactive courses for troubleshooting all types of electrical circuits and equipment from basic to advanced concepts and skills.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Offering some of the largest libraries of DVDs, interactive CD-ROMs, and web-based / e-Learning Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Regulatory compliance courses in the industry.

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Industrial Skills

The Industrial Skills Training series provides the essential titles for a Multi-Craft Curriculum Training Program.

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Infrared Thermography

Online Infrared Thermography training courses and Certification for Level I, II and III for Thermographers and NDT professionals. All programs are compliant with latest industry...

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The NERC CIP Security E-Learning Series is a highly interactive, self-paced, fully customized, role-based training program that assists organizations comply with CIP requirements. The...

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NERC System Operations

Programs and services that adhere to the NERC continuing education program criteria for Electric System Operators.

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Oil & Gas

Comprehensive e-learning course titles comprising of hundred of hours of training, specific to the global Oil and Gas Industry.

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Professional Security

The Professional Security Training Series provides performance focused online training solutions that help security personnel maintain safety for the people and the infrastructure they...

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Sales & Management

Tools and training that cover every aspect of sales development, from sales conference delivery sales management coaching; reinforcement and follow-up; CRM tracking of sales metrics;...

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Transmission & Distribution

The Transmission and Distribution e-Learning Training Series is a fully interactive, comprehensive and in-depth 79 title curriculum designed to instruct personnel in the principles of...

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Water & Wastewater

Full range of dynamic modelling and simulation tools, detailed plant designing, and operator training courses delivered online with Certification and Director Approved CEUs.

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