Sales & Management

  • Programs include:
    • Quota - The Sales Performance Game
    • Quota B2C – The Sales Performance Game
    • Quota Q'ube
    • Quota Coach
    • Executive Coaching
    • Quota CRM
    • Quota System Reinforcement Program - QSRP
    • Quota Issue Selling – QIS
    • Quota Sales Self-Leadership
    • Quota Time and Territory Management
    • Quota Decision-Making For Sales Professionals
    • Quota Retail – Retail Sales Excellence
    • Quota Professional Services – Performance Game
    • Certified Sales Professional Designation Accreditation
    • Quota Coach Certification Program
    • Quota Public Seminars
    • Quota Sales Executive Retreat
    • Q NEWS
    • Translation & Customization

The Quota System – Increased sales performance and results

The Quota System begins with Quota – The Sales Performance Game. Delivered in a 4-7 hour session (dependent on industry) Quota is a powerful team-building and learning experience. The game is closely followed by Quota COACH – Training for your Sales Managers in critical Sales Management concepts and coaching skills. The sales team then plays Quota® Q’ube at monthly in-house sales meetings to reinforce concepts learned at the core experience. The performance and metrics of the sales team are tracked using the proprietary Quota CRM program. Review sessions and advanced skills are taught in the QSRP (Quota System Reinforcement Program) and QIS (Quota Issue Selling – Advanced Strategic Selling). Quota Sales Self-Leadership is a two day program which includes gamification and high end materials and prizes and is targeted towards helping you to reach your sales and sales management potential. Quota Time and Territory Management is a 1 – 2 day training program that provides critical insights into Account Management; Forecasting; Territory Management; Goal Setting; and Time Management. Quota Decision-Making for Sales Professionals uses Texas Hold’em Poker as the learning tool and provides an exceptional gamification learning experience that ensures participation and retention of critical decision-making capabilities. Finally, every member of your sales team receive Q NEWS – the monthly email Quota newsletter high-lighting contemporary sales tips & techniques from North America’s top sales experts! 

These programs are designed, developed and updated by sales professionals and combines a unique blend of over 30 years of research; practical experience and academic instruction. The system has been used and tested by real-world sales professionals across a variety of industries with spectacular results. Coupled with our team of industry-leading executive coaches, the system will bring your sales team to new levels of performance.

Developing elite sales performers requires a combination of factors:

  • Recruiting talent
  • Training
  • Coaching for ongoing improvement
  • Motivating for maximum output
  • Reward and recognition
  • Retaining the talent

The sales and management training tools addresses each of these factors using a unique & proprietary teaching methodologies.

Programs include:

Sales Performance Games for Sales Meetings and Conferences

Quota – The Sales Performance Game

A fun, interactive and team-building experience that teaches players about Business-to-Business (B2B) sales cycles and competencies. Each player develops critical sales skills and knowledge while playing the game and having fun! 40 critical competencies are taught over the duration of the game (4-7 hours depending on format).

Typical improvements are found in:

  • Essential selling skills
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Presentation skills
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Selling to Committees
  • Competitive selling practices
  • Major account development practices
  • Teamwork and motivation

Each player (participant) receives: Player Workbook, Binder, Skill Review Cards, Certificate and Prize for winning team.

Available in English and French.

The Quota Sales Performance Game is one of three essential programs required for Certified Sales Professional Designation Accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Quota – The Sales Performance Game B2C

The Quota B2C game version is an applied program that teaches players about business-to-consumer sales cycles. Quota B2C is the second of our core sales training programs and like the Quota B2B program, each player develops the critical skills and competencies needed to successfully sell into their market while playing the game and having fun. The Quota Business to Consumer program teaches your sales team all of the core principles they need to know to master the B to C selling process.

 Each participant receives a Portfolio, Player Workbook, Quota Pen and Quota Certificate upon completion of the game. Played in a 4-5 hour format, Quota B2C is an excellent method to provide sales people with critical selling skills and knowledge in a dynamic new learning experience.

The Quota Sales Performance Game is one of three essential programs required for Certified Sales Professional Designation Accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Quota Q’ube

Provides a fun and entertaining way to reinforce Quota knowledge and skills taught in the Quota experience!

Q’ube contains over 150 questions and situations taken from the entire Quota game. It reinforces the concepts learned in the Quota core program and ensures that participants continue to be successful at selling.

Played at short sales meetings, Q’ube has 6 different games that take 10-15 minutes each to play and builds on the fun, competitive methods of the Quota format.

Sales Managers also benefit from this Sales Meeting tool as it provides a fun and interesting method for reinforcing critical sales skills.

Available in English and French.

Sales Management and Executive Training


An essential Sales Management program that can be stand-alone or a powerful follow-up to the Quota experience. Studies have consistently identified that even the best personal development programs require follow-up and coaching to realize maximum benefits. Quota COACH provides sales managers with essential tools for follow-up. 

The program builds on the competencies and process skills taught in the Quota Game experience. Sales people are ensured of a continuous improvement process by Sales Management’s professional follow-up and comprehensive application of Quota COACH concepts. Plus, the unique format provides the flexibility to choose which modules (after the Day One Core Program) best fit your own Sales Management Development Plans.

Day 1 Program
  • Sales Management Roles And Responsibilities
  • Recruiting Elite Salespeople
  • Writing Compelling Offers, Comprehensive Sales Letters and Sales Compensation Plans
  • Enhance Field Coaching Competencies
Additional Modules
  • Salesperson Orientation Programs
  • Focused Coaching Performance
  • Conducting Memorable Sales Meetings
  • Territory Marketing Plans
  • Create Dynamic Reward and Recognition Programs
  • Sales Tracking
  • Training Program
  • Manage Sales Performance Challenges

Available in English and French.

Executive Coaching

A one-on-one or group program to get you into the top of your game. Combining classroom and on-the-job coaching and feedback ensures you get the attention you need to excel.

Sessions cover the following:

  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Coaching Skills for Success
  • Human Resource Management
  • Motivating for Increased Performance
  • Executive Retreats
  • Creating a “Sales” Culture
  • Leadership Skills
Day 1

The morning is devoted to reviewing your understanding of:

  • Prospecting and qualifying
  • Initiating a business relationship
  • Introducing your product/service
  • “Interactive” communication
  • Three-part closing skills
  • Managing misunderstandings
  • Handling objections
  • Selling against your competition

The afternoon provides on- the-job training. Written and verbal coaching on proper skill use and application is provided.

Day 2

A review of concepts from day 1, plus advanced training on:

  • Major account development skills
  • Analyzing your clients
  • Constructing a sales cycle and process
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Presentation skills
  • Time and territory management

Available in English and French.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Quota CRM

A fully functioning sales software tracking program that provides essential insights into sales representation and territory management.

  • The software allows sales personnel and management alike to manage their client portfolios and forecast future business.
  • The program uses unique and proprietary software that is simple to use, tracks multiple areas of sales performance and is easily customized to complement your own sales process and lexicon.
  • Management reports are produced at the touch of a button.
  • The software guides your sales team on what needs to be done to manage your clients through the sales process
  • Combined with The Sales Performance Game, Q’ube and COACH, this software ensures your team has absolute consistency in practise; performance and achievement.
  • 4-Level reporting: CEO; Executive; Manager; Representative
  • New reports for each level
  • Updated summary entry at Rep level (automatically calculates)
  • Updated Message Centre
  • Easy transitions between levels at Executive level
  • CEO report with all sales by region
  • Sales Manager report with all sales by team
  • Contract revenue box now Revenue Gross

Available in English and French.


Quota System Reinforcement Program – QSRP

Most sales managers will tell you about different sales training courses they have taken over the years. In most cases they will tell you they learned some new skills….and forgot much of what they were taught!  This is why the QSRP (Quota System Reinforcement Program) was designed!

Within a year of the Quota experience, QSRP is the perfect follow up and compliment to ensure that your sales team maximizes their retention of the competencies and skills learned during the core Quota programs.

Delivered in a full day format, the QSRP provides development in:

  • A review of the complete 40 sales competencies taught in the Quota Program
  • Instruction in QIS (Quota Issue Selling) the advanced strategic selling module built on the Quota foundation
  • A Quota game to recap and reinforce the sales competencies learned!

Participating teams compete on the QSRP Sales Highway and navigate their way to personal improvement across dozens of contemporary sales best practices.  The QSRP combines fun, team-building, competition and reinforcement to ensure your investment in creating an elite team of sales performers!

Quota Issue Selling – QIS

A key challenge facing sales people today is to be seen as a partner vs. commodity vendor. In order to achieve this relationship, professional sales people access senior level decision makers and sell their products/services as strategic tools.

Building on the core foundational skills of Quota, QIS (Quota Issue Selling) is an advanced 1/2 day strategic selling program that takes your Quota graduates to new levels of sales performance!

QIS teaches:

  • How to analyze your client’s business issues
  • Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
  • Recognizing how your product/service addresses organizational needs/levels
  • Using the unique QIS Call Sheet to record/track your client’s strategic and operational goals

QIS follows the same fun and team-building process used in other Quota programs to ensure your team seamlessly integrates their core sales skills and training into an advanced level of sales performance.

Quota Issue Selling is one of three essential programs required for Certified Sales Professional Designation Accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association

Quota – Sales Self-Leadership

Quota Sales Self-Leadership is a two day program which includes gamification and high end materials and prizes and is targeted towards helping you to reach your sales and sales management potential. Combined with the core Quota programs, this workshop provides personal development tools that build on the core competencies taught in the Quota B2B/ B2C and Quota COACH Sales Management programs.

Quota Sales Self-Leadership is an essential piece of the personal development puzzle for those who aspire to be the best at their sales profession.

The program is divided into the following six modules:

  1. It Starts With You

    Deals with self-awareness leading to self-regulation and self-management

    Explores several self-assessment tools to understand our personality, behaviour, emotions, strengths and values

    Change and comfort zones are examined

  2. Demystifying Sales Leadership

    Concept of Leadership is simplified

    Understanding of leadership characteristics of successful and impactful leaders

    Identify leadership traits

    Define how you can become the best leader you can be

  3. Engaging Others

    Engaging, developing and empowering staff, peers and managers

    Understand and leverage key relationship building behaviours

    Understand how to manoeuvre management and leadership style between macro and micro

    Learn how to build trust

  4. Creating Loyal Customers

    Learn how to build and sustain strong customer relationships

    Learn how to build long term customer loyalty

    Learn how to manage actions to exceed customer expectations

    Understand the concept of price with customers

  5. Planning For Leadership

    Building a plan for leadership

    Deals with the questions leaders ask to uncover what’s working and what isn’t

    Determine action plans for sales leadership

    Examining staff and support strategies and sales structures

  6. Making It Work

    Action planning

    Deals with change – what happens and will happen around you that you will initiate

    Deals with transformation – who you are and what you’ll do differently


Quota Time and Territory Management is a 1- 2 day training program that provides critical insights into:

  • Account Management
  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management

The program provides an essential element of sales success with training in the following three building blocks:

  • Key Account Roles and Responsibilities
  • Strategic Territory Planning Skills
  • Key Account Sales Process

Incorporated into these building blocks are:

  • Value Pyramid
  • Partnership Selling
  • ROI – Time
  • Goal-setting
  • Forecasting
  • Market / Industry Analysis
  • Targeting Key Accounts
  • Territory Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Account Planning

A comprehensive Participant Workbook is included.

The Quota Time and Territory Management Program is one of three essential programs required for Certified Sales Professional Designation Accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.


Using Texas Hold’em Poker as the learning tool, Quota Decision-Making for Sales Professionals provides an exceptional learning experience that ensures participation and retention of critical decision-making capabilities.

Quota Decision-Making for Sales Professionals is a gamified business learning experience. It is not gambling and, as such, the program never uses currency of any kind or promotes gambling as a hobby. The game is played lightly as competitive gaming as a method to enhance the learning experience and demonstrate how skills learned while gaming are directly applicable to business applications. One bad decision and game OVER while one good decision and you take the POT!

As a sales professional, you are constantly evaluating your clients, your suppliers and your own company’s capabilities. Your ability to identify the problem, evaluate your sources and use critical path decision-making are all essential to your sales success.

Quota Decision-Making for Sales Professionals will introduce you to:

  • Problem-Analysis tools
  • Problem Identification Methods
  • Evaluation capabilities
  • Decision Making factors utilizing quantitative methods
  • Possible Permutations & Combinations of outcomes
  • Sample/Group statistical analysis
  • Regression Analysis tools for decision-making
  • ‘People’ analysis tools
  • Decision making and execution tools

Each of these critical decision-making formula and process are essential professional poker player skill sets. By utilizing Poker as our learning tool, you will see how you can quickly and effectively apply the same skills to your sales situations and significantly improve your sales results.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Pre-Work
  • What is a good pokerplayer
  • The rules of Texas Hold’em
  • Playing Poker
  • Natural-Rational Decision making
  • N/R Diary + Finishing Rational Decision Making
  • Expected Value in Decision-Making
  • Permutations & Combinations – Analyzing Hands
  • Decision Making Process
  • Transferring Skills to Sales Situations
  • Decision Making Biases
  • Playing poker – Practice Your Skills
  • Poker Tips & Techniques
  • Decision-Outcome Matrix
  • Application Exercise
  • Decision Structure & Execution
  • Playing Poker – Using Your Skills!
  • Playing poker With Role Cards
  • Reading Player Types
  • Final Game – Who Gets 1st Choice at the Prize Table!
  • Wrap-up & Review


Retail sales people can make or break their company’s business. Retail sales requires a blend of social skills, professional selling skills, merchandising and follow-up. As the consummate sales professional, the retail sales person must represent their company’s image; put prospective customers at ease; encourage their shopping experience and up-sell and cross-dell where appropriate.

A company’s growth and success will be impacted on how effectively the retail salesperson greets the customer; analyzes their needs; suggest solutions; gains their commitment and provides professional follow-up.

Throughout the Quota Retail Program, sales people will learn how to improve their performance in each of these key responsibilities.

Quota Retail is a one day training program that incorporates a unique gamification process including:

  • Participant Workbook, Binder and Prizes
  • Skill Review Cards to review content on the job
  • Merchandising Handbook for tips and techniques on improving store sales


Quota Professional Services recognizes that professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants and Consultants require skills in business development and rainmaking.

Quota Professional Services is a fun, interactive learning experience that teaches participants critical business development and account management skills through a 6-step program covering:

  • Prospecting
  • Initial Meeting
  • Needs Analysis
  • Presentation of Services and Fees
  • Client Approval
  • Commitment and Delivery of Service

Whether a junior partner; new accountant or consultant, your ability to generate new business and sustain client relationships is critical to your ongoing success.

Quota Professional Services provides the roadmap on all of the competencies required to achieve business development success.


The Canadian Professional Sales Association’s (CPSA) Certified Sales Professional designation accreditation is available to graduates of the three bundled Quota training programs:

  • Quota Sales Performance Game (1 – 2 days)
  • Quota Issue Selling (1 day)
  • Quota Time and Territory Management (1 – 2 days)

All students are required to complete the 3 Quota training programs and the CPSA online preparation course (1/2 day). A written and oral examination must also be completed. Upon graduation, the internationally-recognized CPSA Designation is awarded to each student.

The bundle program includes all training, classroom instruction, workbooks, prep course examination and certification.

Benefits for Your Company:
  • Set a measurable benchmark within your sales team
  • Differentiate your sales team by increasing their credibility
  • Decrease turnover by setting a hiring standard for new staff
  • Assist with ongoing training and career development
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the profession
Benefits as a Certified Sales Professional:
  • You are identified as a highly competent professional who has demonstrated and met the standards for experience, knowledge, attitude and skills set by the CPSA Sales Institute
  • You improve your career growth opportunities, advancement, and earning potential
  • Employers know you have solid selling skills and the credentials to prove it
  • Customers know that you meet a set of rigorous standards for excellence and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics
  • You are committed to personal career development and lifelong learning


The comprehensive Quota Coach Certification Program that will allow your organization to Coach Certify your own in-house coaches. This process will allow you to deliver Quota programs on your own schedule and provides significant investment savings on materials and reproduction.


Quota Public Seminars are offered on core programs periodically in regions around the world.

Should you have only a few sales people or managers, they can enjoy the same Quota experience as larger organizations by attending the public seminar workshops.

Plus, if you are interested in evaluating any of the Quota training programs for larger teams, our public seminars are a terrific way to immerse yourself in the Quota experience first hand.


A once-in-a-lifetime experience available for international sales executives! The combined resource retreat program includes 4 days of Quota training and 4 days of the Langara Fishing Adventures experience in British Columbia.

Quota Training covers:
  • Core Sales Skills
  • Sales Management Development
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Advanced Strategic Selling Competencies

Executives can then follow the Canadian Professional Sales Association examination process and achieve their Certified Sales Professional designation.

Interspersed with the training days, Langara will provide 4 days of extraordinary living! Salmon fishing; whale watching; nature hikes and lodging in spectacular executive lodges.

For additional information on how to book your group for the Quota Sales Executive Retreat Program, please call us directly at: 416-806-5777


 Q News

Developing sales expertise is not an event but an activity. As such, elite sales performers are constantly studying their craft and keeping abreast of contemporary market practices and trends. Q NEWS is an essential tool for any sales person that wants to ‘up’ their game! Four monthly articles from global sales experts provide a quick way to stay abreast of the latest tips and techniques. Each Q NEWS is emailed directly to the reader so that they can read the articles on their schedule and at their convenience.

Translation & customization

Our Translation and Customization Team is committed to providing the Quota experience in each player’s local language. As such our team will work with yours to ensure all training materials are word-for-word translated and culturalized as needed. We have extensive experience with translation subtleties and believe it is critically important that all participants get the full Quota experience! Our translation experts can create a totally customized version of our programs using your own sales process; language; lexicon and industry examples. Our customization capabilities also extend to in-house Coach Certification and reproduction rights should your organization require it.