Secure Device Management

  • Titles Available:
    • Mobile Threat Detection
    • IPSec-VPN
    • Firewall (data control)
    • PKI + Access Control (strong device/user auth)
    • Content Filtering
    • MDM/MAM Solutions
    • Containerization


Mobile workforce under attack? Malicious activity going unnoticed?

Smart phones and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) are having an unprecedented effect on corporate security. Wherever they are, and whatever devices they are operating on, employees are demanding access to sensitive data. This behaviour is redefining ‘the network perimeter’ and creating a security conundrum for businesses that want to mobilize their workforce.

Organizations around the world are finally realizing that Mobile Device Management (MDM) and containers do not solve their secure mobility problem. Mail, contacts, calendar aren’t enough! Reputational damage and loss of IP can be catastrophic. Attackers are more motivated with more tools these days. Knowing when you’ve been breached and how to respond is key.

Today’s most secure mobile environments also require:

  • Secure Communications via IPSec VPN (not SSL)
  • Secure Identity Access Management utilizing certificate authentication
  • Full traffic inspection for continuous monitoring, threat detection and incident response


Prevents – Detects – Responds

The Cyber adAPT platform is the only one on the market which protects your data in-motion and at-rest, detects malicious activity while it’s happening in real-time and automatically isolates mobile devices before they compromise your most valuable business assets. The SDM enables easy and secure mobility in the enterprise by providing mobile users the protected access to network resources they want and administrators the security and control they need.

Cyber adAPT identifies behaviour tactics that are hidden in the ‘stream’ of seemingly normal network packets using its patent-pending system of network sensors and correlation analytics. We provide the security analyst with all of the key associated events of any compromise, saving hundreds of hours of manually intensive, error-prone research. Powering forensic analytics, all pertinent metadata is recorded over long periods of time – often over a year, utilizing cost effective storage algorithms and technology. Cyber adAPT’s goal is to safeguard your critical assets and protect the bottom line in the process. We detect the most patient and persistent adversaries by finding combinations of events that appear malicious when the full context of historical events is correlated with what’s happening right now. Our dedicated team of security experts focuses on practical research, codifying common and cutting-edge attack patterns.

By identifying more malicious activities, we can release improved breadth and relevance of the detection, making the platform smarter and faster.

SDM is provisioned in seconds and controls are tamper proof once the profile and passwords are installed. The entire power of the smart device is available and access to all enterprise and cloud resources is securely enabled. SDM allows all users to move beyond the common restrictive set of calendar and email functions while eliminating the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks for users leveraging insecure Wi-Fi. Strong authentication is at the core of SDM with PKI Certificate Authentication ensuring user and device identifies are always tracked and entitlements appropriately managed. For the entire estate of mobile and laptop devices, IP traffic is forced through an IPSec VPN and terminated and filtered by an advanced mobile firewall.

We provide an integrated platform that secures the operation and communication of each device, essentially preventing most attacks from ever happening – Secure Device Management.

Then, every network packet is examined in real time, allowing for the detection of malware and user behaviours that need to be immediately examined. We have a team of research experts and partners who ensure we can identify more relevant attacks more quickly – Cyber adAPT Detection.

Finally, we pinpoint exactly which users and devices have played a part in the attack and we respond by quarantining or completely wiping the device.


  • Our core approach is different than the rest of the market: cloud based filtering / ‘zero’ device footprint
  • Our Modular Architecture allows for easy addition and upgrade of features
  • Our approach allows for personal use devices to be secured
  • Our approach provides the BEST security of any solution on the market: mobile firewall, always on VPN, content filtering, and more
  • Start with the ability to secure everything so you can be flexible later
  • Module based approach
  • Per device per year
  • Software maintenance and support program
  • Available as Cloud Based or Onsite (appliance) model
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows 7, 8, 10 and OSX
  • SDM will partner with MDM Leaders to lead innovative integrations



  1. Users cannot remove or turn off security
  2. Built-in industry standard data in motion encryption – all traffic can be forced over SDM’s IPsec VPN (or split tunneled for BYOD)… prevents eavesdropping and snooping
  3. Mobile users are strongly authenticated via built in certificate authority
  4. Built-in mobile persistent threat analysis provides incident response to suspicious mobile traffic
  5. Full data analysis allows for native mobile device content filtering, preventing drive by downloads and other malicious activity



Reduces Risk

  • Attacks detected earlier are much less impactful – ensure you see more attacks, more quickly with fewer false positives
  • Detect suspicious activity inside the firewall that has circumvented perimeter defenses
  • Immediate, appropriate remediation of all secured devices
  • Identify the spread and origination of attacks with clear forensics

Reduces Cost

  • Increased productivity from scarce security analysts
  • Automate error prone and manually intensive tasks

End User Experience

  • More powerful services delivered securely to operators in the field
  • Real time monitoring of all network traffic with no impact to network performance
  • Fine-tune detection analytics to custom-fit your risk tolerance and operational reality


  • Deployed in seconds, the user experience is exceptional and security no longer requires effort
  • IP SEC hardened VPN eradicates risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. (Scores highest in Gartners recent report)
  • Certificate-based authentication ensures you control precisely which services each user and device can access
  • Delivered by a patented system of mobile network detection sensors and correlation analytics
  • 100% of raw mobile traffic is visible and attributable, enabling real-time threat detection
  • Malware discovery, threat intelligence and network behaviour are correlated to detect even the most sophisticated attack (including zero-day)
  • Configurable rules drive precise auto-remediation actions to any device in real time
  • Security teams are then alerted only to critical, manual response tasks saving wasted time
  • Clear incident detail provided to security professionals to allow faster investigation



  • Ranked 2nd in Gartner’s ‘High-Security Mobility Management’ report
  • Highest score awarded for ‘Hardened VPN’ from Gartner (higher than Blackberry, IBM and Check Point)
  • The only security specialist in Gartner’s top 5 ‘Government Grade’ Mobility Management
  • One of only 3 suppliers globally to provide a full suite of Mobile Threat Defence capabilities
  • Top 5 supplier of high-security mobility for the interconnected cloud world