Water & Wastewater

  • Motors and Variable Speed Drives


This 2 day Director Approved onsite course is a must for any Water or Wastewater Operator who is involved in the selection, applications, or maintenance of motors and variable speed drives. The course provides the latest in technology. It covers how modern motors and variable speed drives operate and the various options available. It also provides guidelines and rules that must be followed for a successful application. The course will be delivered onsite at your location for your group of operators.

Course Outline:

  • DC and AC Motor Fundamentals
  • DC and AC Variable Speed Drive Fundamentals
  • Applications for Fixed and Variable Speed Drives
  • Drive System Selection Criteria
  • Drive System Power Line Effects
  • Motor and Drive System Installation and Maintenance Aspects
  • Drive System Application Workshop
  • Questions and Answers and Feedback to Participants on Achievement of Learning Outcomes

DC and AC Variable Speed Drive Fundamentals

  • DC Power Converters, Choppers and Rectifiers
  • DC Drive Close Loop Control Setup and Tuning
  • AC Drive Power Structure, Full Regen Drive and Active Front End
  • Voltage Scalar Drives, and Current Invertors
  • Sensor and Sensorless Vector Drive
  • Direct Torque Control Drives and Accelerated Vector Drives
  • Medium Voltage Drives and Applications
  • Motion Control and Tuning System Requirements
  • DC Injection Braking
  • PWM; Amplitude and Fixed Modulation

Applications for Fixed and Variable Speed Drives

  • Details of many different motor and drive applications
  • Soft Starters
  • Limitation of Scalar Drives
  • Typical Application for Vector Drives
  • Typical Application for Field Oriented Drives
  • Filters and Feranti Effect

Drive System Selection Criteria

  • Drives Power Sizing –Example of Complex Application
  • Typical short fall when selecting the Drive Type

Drive System Power Line Effects

  • Power factor – what effects will the new system have on the rest of the plant
  • Harmonics – what are they, and how will they affect you
  • Harmonics Mitigation and FFT Study
  • Special requirements for Transformers; Circuit Breakers and Cables for Large Drives

Motor and Drive System Installation and Maintenance Aspects

  • What special installation efforts are required to ensure a successful application?
  • What are the typical motor and drive system failures
  • Root Cause Investigation
  • What routine maintenance should be followed?
  • The Importance of Grounding
  • Internal and External Motor Drive Protection

Drive System Application Workshop

  • Go through a drive selection process to apply a drive system. This will reinforce all the course material and can be directly applied back at your plant

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about the various types of motors, variable-speed drives, and their protection requirements
  • Understand the Full Regenerative Drive and Active Front End
  • Select the Proper Drive Control for the Application: Scalar Drives; Vector Drives-Field Orientation Drives; Active Front End Drives,
  • Understand the Four Quadrant Operation of the Drives Pending on the Application Requirements
  • Select Proper Control for the Application
  • Select Proper Power Convertor for Multiple Quadrant Operations