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Global Training Solutions Inc. provides compliance, workforce training programs and classroom instruction aimed at the development, training and safety of employees in many diverse industries worldwide. © 2022 Global Training Solutions
CUSTOM E-LEARNING METHODOLOGIES WITH FOCUS ON ADULT LEARNING Our multi–step process for analyzing client needs and designing custom courseware is as unique and specialized as the courses we create. Our methodology links workplace performance needs to learning objectives and content. Our accelerated knowledge capture and hybrid storyboard processes streamline development and allow our team to focus on the creation of learning strategies and activities. Our Subject Matter Experts work closely with your teams to develop learning objectives to meet your training goals. These objectives define the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be communicated and evaluated. With our curriculum defined, we develop the individual modules, chapters, or lessons that comprise a course construct. Our team designs courseware with a constant focus on adult learning principles. We design courses with easy-to-use navigation, visually appealing knowledge presentation, and mentally stimulating learning activities, and the most effective learning and assessment strategies. BENEFITS OF CUSTOM COURSEWARE Affordability Custom e-Learning courseware is a cost-saving alternative to traditional training methods. Allowing students and instructors to access courseware from remote locations eliminates the need for costly travel and accommodation expenses inherent in traditional training. Also, custom courseware is often a one-time expenditure. After developing a set of courses for a specific training purpose, they can be used over and over again, or easily updated, as needed. Convenience and Accessibility Unlike traditional methods of training, where an instructor must meet with students at a specific time and place to teach a course face to face, custom e- Learning courseware offers organizations a means of conducting their training that is both convenient and easily accessible. Once a course has been created, learning can take place at anytime, from virtually anywhere. Quality of Instruction Custom courseware gives clients the opportunity to develop their own course content. This means that information from your experts can be compiled and incorporated into an interactive computer-based course. Your best minds can then be accessed without the hassles of managing various experts’ availability for teaching a course. In addition to the quality of the content, the custom courseware approach can be more engaging and interactive than traditional lecture-style instruction. Standardization With custom courseware, you can be sure that every student is receiving the same information. Unlike traditional methods, where instructors, time, and material vary, e- Learning guarantees that every student is presented with and tested on the same material. With our courseware, you will have the ability to test, track enrolment, and analyze testing results. These features will allow you to identify and correct gaps in knowledge faster and more accurately than ever before. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS We live in a time of increasing environmental awareness, and many organizations are searching for ways to become more eco-friendly. One of the less obvious benefits of e-Learning courseware is that computer-based training has fewer environmental consequences than traditional methods of training. With e-Learning, courses can be accessed from wherever the learner is located. The computer-based access model eliminates the need for carbon-emitting modes of transportation. In addition, online courses significantly limit or eliminate the need for paper-based training manuals and workbooks.
Our team designs courseware with a constant focus on adult learning principles.
Our team specializes in the creation of high-quality, dynamic custom courseware specific to the training needs of your organization.