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P.O. Box 26067 3163 Winston Churchill Blvd. Mississauga , Ontario Canada L5L 5W7 (416) 806-5777 info@globaltrainingsolutions.ca www.globaltrainingsolutions.ca


Global Training Solutions Inc. provides compliance, workforce training programs and classroom instruction aimed at the development, training and safety of employees in many diverse industries worldwide. © 2022 Global Training Solutions
VISUAL SERVICES We provide a full range of media production and development services for our clients including: Computer generated static imagery 3D Modeling Technical animations and animated characters Digital media enhancements to digitized photographs, images and technical drawings Video production and editing Visual user instructions for software applications PROGRAMMING SERVICES Our skilled and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts work to ensure that your online instruction functions exactly as you intended. We offer the following programming services: Development of on-line learning strategies, activities and assessments Integration of digital media for instructional purposes Compliance with interoperability specifications such as AICC and SCORM Transforming and converting existing courseware from one platform (i.e. application) to another Solving courseware deployment problems with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
Our skilled and knowledgeable programmers work to ensure that your online instruction functions exactly as you intended.
Our talented and creative teams can assist to liven up content in both online and traditional print-based training materials with a wide range of visual communication.