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Introduction To Oil And Gas Industry


Comprehensive Oil and Gas e-learning and virtual instructor-led courses comprising of hundreds of hours of interactive training specifically tailored for all global operations.




This virtual instructor-led awareness-based course is aimed at personnel from government agencies, authorities, operators, contractors and service companies. It is especially valuable for newcomers to the industry and non technical personnel working in areas like Regulatory, Research and Development, IT, Contracts and Administration who feel they could benefit from gaining a wider appreciation of the ‘bigger picture’. The course comprises of knowledge checks, case study and Certificate of Course Completion for full attendance. The virtual instructor-led online course utilizes a virtual environment such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. by a highly specialized trainer/coach to demonstrate, explain and assist participants to learn concepts taught. This format includes high interactivity amongst all students and multiple opportunities for learners to join in with discussions, share their experiences, in-depth discussions and ask questions. Is previous experience required? You do not need prior knowledge or experience to complete this course and it is assumed that you are competent in your designated role. How will this course benefit me? This course aims to introduce each key phase of the Oil and Gas industry with an emphasis on site safety protocols, site access requirements and Midstream and Upstream Production, Operations and Maintenance. How will this course benefit my company? By ensuring you are aware of each key phase of the Oil and Gas industry.
TOPICS COVERED: dAY 1 mORNING Industry Overview Health, Safety and Environment Site Emergency Information General Safety General Safety Task and Process Specific Safety General Safety: Vehicle Operation (Mine and Plant) Safe Work Practices dAY 2 mORNING About Conventional Oil and Gas Unconventional Oil and Gas Oil Sands Mining and Processing In-Situ Bitumen Extraction Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS)
Day 1 Afternoon Contractor Responsibilities Process Safety Management CASE STUDY Exercise
Describe the three segments of the Oil and Gas industry: upstream, midstream, downstream Interpret the various phases of the Oil and Gas extraction and processing in upstream, midstream, heavy oil and SAGD operations Explain Site Safety Regulations and Site Access Requirements Explain contractor duties and responsibilities Identify Conventional Oil and Oil Sands Extraction, upgrading methods and Natural Gas Processing Describe Behavior Based Safety Explain Site Emergency Information Explain Natural Gas Processing Describe Boiler Safety Describe Plant Maintenance - Asset Reliability Explain Power Plants and types


Day 2 Afternoon Power Generation - Types of Power Plants Co-Generation Plants Power Generation Substation Safety Natural Gas Processing Refining and Upgrading Pressure Equipment Safety Pipeline Safety Plant Maintenance Asset Reliability